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Grimes Knives
Richmond, IN 47374

Phone: 765 969 0553

email: scott@grimesknives.com

About Us

Grimes Knives was started in 2013 by Scott Grimes after making knives as a hobby. He enjoy's building and creating things with his hands. He has made furniture, tools, the grinder that he uses and other jigs, fixtures and equipment as well. He is the owner of a Paintless Dent Repair company and  his attention to detail and patience is shown in the knives he makes.  The leather and Kydex sheaths that come with the knives are handmade as well.  


We look forward to serving you and feel free to contact him if you have any questions.

Thank you Scott Grimes.




Scott Grimes

Phone: +1 765 9690553

Email: scott@grimesknives.com

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